Warhammer 40K: Necrons - Ophydian Destroyers

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Repugnant to other Necrons, Ophydian Destroyers echo elements of servile Canoptek Wraiths and reviled Flayed Ones in their murder-optimized bodies. Tunneling through solid ferrocrete with frenzied violence and flickers of dimensional displacement, Ophydian Destroyers burst into view to ambush, hack and rend their prey apart.

Slice your way through enemy units with the fast and deadly Ophydian Destroyers. Armed with hyperphase weapons and Ophydian claws, little can survive an attack from these floating killers. You can accompany your unit with a Plasmacyte who can power up the Destroyers. The Ophydian Destroyers kit comes with six different heads, meaning that you can customize your Ophydian Destroyers.

This 57 part Ophydian Destroyers plastic kit makes three Ophydian Destroyers and a Plasmacyte. It is supplied with three 50mm round Citadel bases and a 28.5mm round Citadel base.

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