June 28th 2020 Fantasy Games Reopening Game Room.
As of Monday June 8th our store hours will be noon until 10:pm 7 days a week.
Our gaming areas will be open for pickup games and general public use with the following Restrictions...

Masks Required: Playing in the game space are required to wear a mask that fully covers nose and mouth and are required to keep the mask in it's proper position. If you need a mask break, you should take a walk outside.

Groups playing in the game space should respect social distancing of other groups in the game space. We reserve the right to limit number of players at tables and in the room at any given time.

Our Staff will continue to give extra attention to wiping tables after uses and sanitizing door knobs, drink cooler doors and other frequently touched surfaces.

Order online, Curbside Pickup or shipped to your local address.

If you notice anything odd or out of place, please do let us know. Fantasygamessb@gmail.com

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