Warhammer 40K: Necrons - Monolith

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Nothing is so emblematic of Necron implacability as the Monolith. Like all Necron constructs, it is composed of living metal – a complex semi-sentient alloy that ripples and flows to repair damage in a blink of an eye. When combined with the vehicle’s slab-sided armour plates, this makes the Monolith an incredibly daunting opponent for any enemy.

Support your Necron army's implacable advance with a Monolith. Not only can a Monolith provide covering fire with its gauss flux arcs, but a Monolith can also bring in reinforcements through its eternity gate. The gauss flux arcs can be replaced with death rays, while the Monolith kit also comes with a choice of eternity gate.

This 123-part plastic Monolith kit makes one Necron Monolith. It is supplied with a 160mm round Citadel base and a clear hover stand.

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