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Run Fight or Die Reloaded

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Run Fight or Die: Reloaded is a revamped version of the Richard Launius classic. In Run Fight or Die: Reloaded you play a hero trying to survive wave after wave of zombies coming straight for you! Each turn you'll roll dice, trying to fend off the undead hordes all while finding followers and valuable loot you need to survive. Survive the game and have the most followers and you win! Ages 14+ 30-45 minute play time Contents: 6 Custom Dice 70 Zombie Minis 4 Zombie Boards 5 Character Boards 18 Location Cards 30 Follower Cards 7 Reference Cards 22 Loot Cards 23 Mutant Zombie Cards Mutant Zombie Tile 60 Wound Tokens 24 Leadership Tokens
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