The league is free to participate in. Every standard constructed tournament is

also league play.

How it works. Cards are numbered 1 through however many players are


Each round of the tournament, both players are putting their card up for grabs.

The winner of the match takes the lower numbered card. The person who did not

win gets the other, higher numbered card.

If the match is a draw each player keeps the card they started with.

The lowest number cards have some reward on them. The rewards vary and may change from time to

time as we monitor the result of this league system.

Rewards in the first season.

Cards 1 -4 have reward: free entry into any standard tournament. Also known as

the gravy train. If you hold card 1-4 at the end of an event, you will play the

next standard event you attend for free.

Cards 5-8 have reward: get a free drink when you sign up for any standard

event. Includes choice of any one drink from our beverage cooler when you sign

up for the event.

Additional awards may be announced pending the number of players and we

anticipate some end of season awards, which will be announced later. These

awards will hopefully motivate people to play through the end of the season.

Cards will remain in the store. Cards will be given out at time of sign up and

should be turned in at the conclusion of the event. When the cards are turned in, we will record

and post on social media, the current roster of players in order by the card

they hold.


Initial seeding: the first week of the league, cards will be seeded in round 1

based on table number and winner take the lower number card from there.

Joining after the season begins. No problem, you just get the next card in our

queue. Example if you join and 53 cards are already out, you get card 54.

missing events: the goal of this league is to increase frequency of play. We

understand players might miss events here and there. Missing an event will not

alter your league status until you miss 2 weeks or 4 standard events. If a

player misses 2 weeks or 4 standard events, that player’s number will be

reclaimed and reseeded into the player pool at the next available event. By replacing the highest number card with the

reseed, if it is lower. If the reseed is higher than all cards currently in the

event, it remains in the reseed que until an event occurs, with a player

holding a higher number than the reseed. If the player who

gave up a card returns to play after missing 2 or more weeks, they will be

issued a card/number as if they were just joining the league.

This league system will be a living work in progress. Feedback and suggestions for changes/

adjustments are welcome and encouraged. Let us know what you think.

The league will begin on Nov 1st and run through the Throne of Eldraine play season.