Magic : The Gathering cards For the most part, we will usually buy the things listed on the buylist as wanted for the value offered, however we reserve the right to refuse to purchase items without explanation. The buylist values offered are based on Pack Fresh mint condition cards. We may offer less if a card has signs of wear. 

Buylists are posted as a convenience, and we will do our best to keep them as up-to-date as possible. However we reserve the right to refuse items that are no longer needed or offer a different value, pending an update to the online list.

Buylist files are available as an excel sheet download. 

Murder at Karlov Manor Buylist

Standard Set Buylist


Trade/Credit vs. Cash: Trade/Credit value is good for anything in the store. You must spend the trade credit the same day. For very large trade-ins, over $500, it may be possible to spend the credit over time, but usually we require a same day transaction.

ID required — We require a valid picture ID from anyone who sells/trades items to the store, and may request to record information from that ID as part our transaction. Typically we are only interested in cards on the MTG buylist.  If you have a collection, we are happy to look as those by appointment.

We currently do not buy cards from any other games. 
Pokemon Single Buylist Coming soon.