Games Workshop Releases for February 4, 2023

This week we're getting 2 surprise Battletomes! Gloomspite Gitz and Beasts of Chaos are getting their books after long last, as well as Vanguard boxes for both! 

  • Gloomspite Gitz: Battletome
  • Gloomspite Gitz: Vanguard
  • Gloomspite Gitz: Warscroll Cards
  • Gloomspite Gitz: Squigboss with Gnasha-Squig
  • Gloomspite Gitz: Snarlfang Riders
  • Beasts of Chaos: Battletome
  • Beasts of Chaos: Vanguard 
  • Beasts of Chaos: Beastlord

Note: These items go up for preorder on 01/28/2023 and releases on 02/04/2023.