Games Workshop Releases for February 25, 2023

This weeks Games Workshop releases feature yet more Astra Militarum! They are getting their Combat Patrol box set as well as a couple of additional HQ models and an upgrade sprue to further your Cadian customizations! Ultra Marines are getting their own special model this week as well with Captain Messinius and his fancy power fist.

  • Astra Militarum: Combat Patrol
  • Astra Militarum: Attilan Rough Riders
  • Astra Militarum: Castellan
  • Astra Militarum: Commissar
  • Astra Militarum: Cadian Upgrades
  • Astra Militarum: Aegis Defense line
  • Ultramarines: Captain Messinius

Note these items go up for preorder on February 18th and release on February 25th.