Games Workshop Releases for April 29, 2023

The wait is almost over for Seraphon fans. The Army box originally announced at Adepticon is almost here. This box featuring entirely new sculpts is our first look at their much needed range refresh. The box is packed with a whole bunch of goodies needed for new or returning Seraphon players including their new 3rd edition Battletome, Warscroll cards, 1 new Slaan Starmaster model, 10 Raptadon Calvary, and 10 new Saurus! Following that huge release is the Adeptus Titanicus: Campaign Compendium, which includes many of the previous campaigns in one conveniently printed book! 

Items in this release:

  • Seraphon Army Box
  • Adeptus Titanicus: Campaign Compendium

Note these items go up for preorder April 22nd and release on April 29th.