Battleforce: T'au Empire Starclaimer Hunter Cadre (Limited Print Run)

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Bring the glory of the Greater Good to your enemies with the Starclaimer Hunter Cadre – a battleforce boxed set containing loads of awesome T’au Empire models. Whether you're a young fireblade looking to expand your set or a seasoned Ethereal planning another sphere of expansion, this set is ideal. Inside, you’ll find a vast variety of models including battlesuits, vehicles and more, all for less than you'd pay getting the kits separately.

This set contains:

  • 1x T’au Empire Commander, a battlesuit-armored leader who can also be built as a T’au Empire Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit
  • 10x T’au Fire Warriors, frontline troops of the Greater Good, including 1x DS8 Tactical Support Turret that can optionally be assembled as Breachers
  • 3x XV85 Stealth Battlesuits, mechanized infiltrators who are ideal for moving through enemy infantry
  • 3x XV8 Crisis Battlesuits, armed with a dizzying array of weapons and including the option to build one squad member in an Iridium XV8-02 Battlesuit
  • 1x Devilfish, perfect for delivering your troops to the heart of battle
  • 10x Tactical Drones, equipped with a variety of wargear options

This set is supplied with 1x 60mm Round Base, 3x 50mm Round Bases, 1x 40mm Round Base, 3x 32mm Round Bases, 11x 25mm Round Bases, 14x Small Flying Bases, and 1x Large Flying Base.

US:::3.99 USD