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Space Marine Heroes 2: Display of 10

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The Space Marines are Humanity’s finest warriors. Genetically engineered super-soldiers, they are living weapons whose martial might knows no equal.

Space Marine heroes are paragons of battle, living legends clad in finest ceramite and wielding weapons forged from arcane science. These are the champions of Humanity, the greatest warriors the galaxy has ever known, and while even just one of their number still stands, the Imperium of Man will never fall.

  • 9 Marines to collect - Individually packaged
  • 10 collectibles in a CDU
    • 3 Common, (2/10),
    • 4 Uncommon (1/10),
    • 1 Rare (1/20),
    • 1 Ultra Rare (1/30)
  • Buying full CDU guarantees having at least one of each of the common and uncommon