Dragon Ball Super: Unisons Warrior Series 8 - Booster (B17)

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"**PREORDER** - estimated release date: Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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MANY CHARACTERS FROM DRAGON BALL AND DRAGON BALL Z!Featuring warrior groups from various eras, including the [Cooler's Armored Squadron] ! Including many cards that recreate famous scenes in both design and gimmick! REINFORCEMENT AND CONTINUITY FOR ULTIMATE DECK AND UW07! The Ultimate Deck focusing on the [Androids] coming out in April, can also be enhanced with this set, Promoting the continued purchase of users with the Ultimate Deck. Also, UW07's skills will be continuously enhanced! A COLLECTION OF FEATURES FROM THE UW SERIES! Various themes and skills that appeared in UW series, as well as the most recent, are reinforced in this set! Giving a huge boost to the UW series together with the past sets SR/SPR BOX TOPPER! The random SR/SPR Box Topper continues in this set! Continuing to drop popular promotion projects, making every Dragon Ball fan hyped to promote purchases! Rarity: Common ×60 (normal/holo ver.) Uncommon ×38 (normal/holo ver.) Rare ×30 (normal/holo ver.) Super Rare ×18 Special Rare ×15 Secret Rare ×3 292 types total
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