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Magic Tournament FAQ

Magic FAQ

When do your tournaments start?  All our tournament listings show the end of registration for the event.  We expect to seat players and have the games begin 5 minutes after the end of registration.  Give yourself some additional time for bad traffic, deck registration and trading for that last card for your deck.

How long are your tournaments?  Most tournaments run a total of 4 Swiss rounds.  Each round is played for the best 2 out of 3 games.  You should expect each round (with set-up and overtime) to last about an hour.

What are Swiss rounds?  All our magic tournaments run with Swiss rounds.  Swiss rounds pair players randomly for the first round.  All pairings in the following rounds are based on your win-loss record for the tournament.

Prizes?  Many of our tournaments award players booster packs or store credit.  In these events, we give a share of the prizes to anyone with a 3-1 or better record at the end of 4 rounds.

8-Player Tournament: Sometimes, we will only have 8 players for an event.  In the case of an 8 player tournament, we only ruin 3 Swiss rounds and anyone with a 2-1 or better record gets a share of the prizes.