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Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and Information

Weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! event

When: Thursdays at 6:40pm
Cost: $10.00

Format: Advanced with Limited/Semi-Limited/Forbidden list.

Prizes: Each Player gets 2 turbo packs just for playing. These are yours to keep no matter how you do in the tournament. In addition to those 2 packs per player, the top finishers will be awarded additional packs based on record and overall attendance at the event.

Important notes for Yu-gi-Oh! at Fantasy Games.

  • It is important to be early if you wish to play. The software does not allow for late entries. We start at 6:45pm. We ask that you arrive early enough to allow yourself time to sign up and get ready to be seated for the first round at 6:45. Help us run a good event by being early!
  • Look at the forbidden, limited and semi limited list before you come. It is the player’s responsibilty to bring a deck that is legal for the format.
  • Forbidden & limited List can found here: Forbidden-Limited list.

Fantasy Games also runs sneak peek events and other 1 time tournaments from time to time. The best way to find out about these events is to sign up for our email news.

Also check our Event Calendar for Yu-Gi-Oh! and other events you might like.

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