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Pokemon TCG

Play Pokemon trading card game at Fantasy Games.

Monday Pokemon League:
Pokemon League is free and provides a casual environment where new players can learn the basics of deck building, game strategy, and battling an opponent.   Occasionally, league members will have the option of participating in slightly more competitive activities called League Challenges.  Information including days and times can be found on the Fantasy Games Event Calendar.  Additionally, the Pokemon at Fantasy Games Facebook page is a great place to find announcements from store staff, read posts about game resources and strategy, and connect with other Pokemon League members.

Pokemon Tournaments:  Pokemon tournaments are competitive, and participants must be able to read and comprehend card text, make strategy decisions, assign damage counters, adhere to Pokemon tournament rules, etc. without assistance.  Fantasy Games offers Standard Format Pokemon Tournaments on Sundays and Expanded Format Pokemon Tournaments on Wednesdays.  There is a $5 registration fee to participate in a tournament.  Participants may earn prizes of store credit based on match record.  Additional information including prize amounts and times can be found on the Fantasy Games Event Calendar.

Pokemon event details can also be found using the Pokemon event locator.

In addition to sealed product, Pokemon singles are now available for purchase in-store.  Pokemon singles in acceptable condition and listed on the buylist may be traded to the store for either cash or store credit.