Fantasy Games South Bend

Fantasy Games Big Announcement.

We have been working on this project for several months and we are finally able to reveal we have 2 major announcements to make.

First, we are adjusting prices on board games.  In the days of Amazon, Kickstarter and the evolving business of board games, we are aware that competition and choices are many. We are happy to announce that going forward our Board games will be more competitively priced.  Some questions answered in the FAQ below.  We also will introduce a system to help navigate the very crowded release schedule of new board games.

Second, we are launching an online store on The primary intention of this web store is not to mail you games, but rather to allow you browse our inventory and place orders to be picked up on your next visit to the store.  As a bonus we expect to use the online site to solicit preorders for games which will enable us to better gauge interest in any particular title.

Q: What do you mean by “Competitive pricing”?
A: This is tough to articulate completely, but for a majority of board games it means the lowering of prices.

Q: Majority of games? So, a few might go up?
A: Yes, in the rare case of games like Wingspan, where a title with an MSRP of $55 is selling on amazon for $120, we may mark that one closer to the true market price. .

Q: Will you price match Amazon, Walmart, online store xyz?
A: No, we understand some sites might always have it for less. We just are not able to match those. Our new, mostly lowered prices, represent the lowest price we can sell the game for.

Q: Is this permanent or just an extended sale?
A: Our intention is to continue this for the foreseeable future, however just as we are adjusting now, if things should change, we might adjust again. (looking at you, TARIFFs!)

Q: What can you tell us about the online store?
A: Orders can be placed online for pickup in store. You can pay either with Paypal through the cart or in person when you pickup using cash or credit card. You will still get in store reward points on orders that are picked up.

Most preorders will not require payment at time of order. They will be treated like a reservation. We just put you on the list and when the item comes in we contact you to let you know it has arrived. You can pay for the item when it is picked up.

Some items will require prepayment. Magic Booster Boxes are usually paid at time of order. We are working on the method to require the payment for those at time of order in the cart. For now, Modern Horizon preorders will remain in store only.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be fleshing out our preorder/reservation offerings. The best way to get updates is to join our email list; or like our Facebook Page

This site is a huge beta test. While we have made every effort to configure things, it is possible we missed some things here or there. If you notice anything odd or out of place, please do let us know.