Fantasy Games South Bend

Enter the Deadzone

In Deadzone, you control an elite squad of soldiers and engage your opponents in furious fire-fights within the cramped confines of an urban battlezone.

Featuring stunningly detailed miniatures and fully modular scenery, Deadzone puts you in the centre of exciting battles with variable mission objectives: capture enemy intel, assassinate the enemy leader… eliminate the opposition!

With a simple set of rules for tactical and strategic gameplay, Deadzone contains everything you need to become the commander of your own elite squad and wage war across an Urban Battlefield.

Fantasy Games has a received a stock of the core game, $99.99, which includes an Enforcers squad, Plague Squad, customizable terrain, and everything else needed to lunch your foray into the Deadzone.  We will be bringing in a number of expansions over the coming week.  Check back, we’ll be posting as they arrive