Fantasy Games South Bend

Upcoming Magic events.

In the next few weeks we have some cool events coming up for Magic:the Gathering at Fantasy Games.

Aug 3 Mythic 5k32 qualifier.
Entry fee: $20
Starts at 12:45 pm

Swiss round with top 8 playoff.
top 4 get some store credit based on attendance
Winner get an invitation to play in the 5k32 on Dec 14th.

Aug 10 & 11 Magic 2014 Game Days

These are free events. Start at 12:45 both days.
Winner gets a playmat














top 8 get game day promos– Full art Foil Goblin Diplomats



















everyone gets a participation promo. full art Hive Stirrings.

















Game day events are a great chance to come out and play! Remember they are FREE