Fantasy Games South Bend

Magic Player of the Year

With one event left (wed oct 3rd, 2012) The Fantasy Games Magic player of the year race is coming to a close.

Oct 13th,2012 will be the Player of the year invitational bonus event. A free tournament where the top 4 after swiss each get a box of Return to Ravnica.

This invite only event is free to play in if you are on the invite list. How do you get invited?
First: below is a list of people who qualified based on previous attendance. These people will not only be invited to the event, but will also get a special bonus that will be announced in a few days.

Second: Player rewards! Be signed up for our instore player rewards program before the close of business on Sat oct 6th, 2012. Any one who is sign up for the program before the cut off will get an invite to play in the event. To sign up you must come into the store and fill out the short form, its free. You will only get emails tha

t are related to the player rewards.

Players invited with special bonus:

Adam Boes K
Alan Rozenblit
Alexander Schlemmer
Andrew Fiedler J
Andrew Kraska J
Andrew Vendl
Anthony Cyr
Anthony Vanes M
Brandon Czosnowski
Brian Hamann A
Brian Kellenburger
Chris Hurlbut A
Chris Wilson
Coltan Jankowski J
Craig Soike E
Dan Flores J
Daniel Oles L
David Milner H
Eric Fred J
Greg Demetrakis
Harlan Yoder
James Baker E
Jason Blume M
Jason Hardin
Jeffery Boes L
John Mcguane W
Jonathan Metzger D
Jordan Geisler A
Joshua Lewis A
Keegan Yoder M
Keith Crandall A
Kristopher Laws
Laura Billings
Leo Kortas
Mark Cracco
Matthew Crandall A
Michael Dimino
Michael Tabler D
Michael Taelman
Nathan Laird
Nicholus Lewis
Rodney Jacobs L
Scott Lemon
Shawn Bergeron
Spencer Ritter B
Steve Walsh M
Sun Lemunyon L
Trevor Chidister
Troy Lewis A
Tyler Wickenden